Storage & Packing Tips


Once the decision is made to move things into Self Storage Units the next step is to decide how to pack them correctly. The first step is finding boxes. Many people make the mistake of collecting boxes from liquor or grocery stores, only to find out these boxes break down almost as soon as you pack them. If you do collect boxes they can be of many different sizes, some may be slightly damaged or may have bugs and food residue in them. It is much harder to pack boxes of different sizes neatly and safely in a storage facility.

Buying boxes may seem a luxury expense at first, but it is an investment that will preserve your possessions better in the long term. They will also be easier to stack as they come in the same sizes – small, medium, large and extra large. You can buy special boxes for pictures, flat wine boxes or tall wine boxes, archive boxes, books and porta robes for your clothes. Durability and cleanliness is guaranteed. When the boxes are no longer needed they can be disassembled and folded flat making them easy to store for further use if necessary – or sold on.

Most importantly, when packing items away for storage (particularly books, blankets and clothing) make sure to place camphor balls and moth balls in the boxes to avoid getting moths and silverfish.  Even though Bohle Self Storage is regularly pest controlled, these bugs may already be present in the boxes you are using or on the items you are packing away.  



Avoid using newspaper as the ink can transfer and stain onto some items. Consider using plain wrapping paper or butcher’s paper which can be purchased from all good packing material shops.

Bubble Wrap is necessary for all electrical or computer supplies and for any breakables.

Always buy plenty of tape as you will need to secure both tops and bottoms of boxes.

Fill boxes but not so you have to squash the tops down. If there is space left in the box, fill with towels or clothing to prevent damage to items shifting around in the box.

Mattress Covers and Sofa covers can be purchased for protection. A canvas tarp or sheet can also be used.

Finally it helps if you keep an inventory of what you have stored. This not only helps with staying organised but it is important for insurance purposes.

If you are not sure how long you will need storage, go for the worst scenario and pack correctly for that period of time. If you will need access regularly try and pack those boxes near the front clearly marked.


To prevent structural damage to furniture always empty wardrobes, cupboards and draws. You can use moth balls and camphor balls amongst your clothes for added protection if they will be packed for any length of time. Always vacuum sofas, lounges and mats before storage and cover sofas with a tarp, sheet or sofa cover.


Ensure fridges, freezers and other white goods are totally dry and clean prior to storage. Secure doors slightly ajar and place deodoriser inside fridges and freezers to keep fresh.


To help avoid rust, wipe chrome, iron or cast iron surfaces with a light oil. Wrap silver in non-acid tissue paper to reduce tarnishing.


Electrical equipment is delicate and requires care. If possible repack in original boxes. If not wrap individually in bubble wrap, pack in cartons and pack out any gaps before sealing the top. This is extra important for Computers and Accessories.


Always remove the batteries to prevent damage to the item from battery leakage.


To get the most into your space place the large heavy items that you can stack upon at rear of space then work upwards and forwards with the lighter, fragile items. The item you may want to get at, place at front of space. Remember packing in professional storage cartons and marking what they contain will make the storing and packing quicker, safer and save you time and worry while maintaining the condition of the goods. It will also make it a more pleasurable experience when it comes to unpacking!


“I have used several storage shed facilities in Townsville over the past 10 years and found Bohle Self Storage in Carmya Street to be the best by far. This is a great complex with easy access. The managing agents are easy to deal with, and they gave me a fantastic rate. I will definitely be using Bohle Self Storage again.”


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